Animal Cremation

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Losing a pet can be an incredibly difficult experience for most people, especially children who grew up with the animal. We understand the heartache that many people can feel when they lose a pet and that is why we want to give you the chance to have a long-lasting memory of your pet. We offer affordable and reliable pet cremation services that are great for individuals who want to hold onto the memories that their pets gave them.

We have a fully functional pet crematorium that is open every day of the week, which means you can contact us at any time if you are in need of our pet cremation services. If you need us to come to your home and pick up the body of your deceased pet, we can do so for no additional charge.

We specialize in both canine cremation and feline cremation, but we are capable of working with pets of all sizes, as we know that many people develop a close bond with all types of animals. We will work as quickly as we can to have the remains of your pet prepared for you at our animal crematorium.

Whether you want a beautiful urn that you can display in your home or just need something simple so you can transport the remains of your pet to their favorite park, we have a variety of beautiful urns for you to choose from. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, so please do not hesitate to call us if you have any requests.

If you need animal cremation in Richmond, VA, come visit us at Pet Cremation Services & Richmond Pet Memorial Park!